Meet Nicci

With a calling and passion for teaching, Nicole is motivated to lead others in their journey to remembering the essence of who they are and how to live a life from joy and celebration.  


I walked into one of Nicci's yoga classes in 2014 and knew I had met someone very special. She has been my teacher since and our work together has included yoga, meditation, and spiritual guidance in public classes, semi-private classes and private sessions. She has incredible insight and a unique ability to shift the energy of a space so it feels supported, non-judgmental, calm, soft and alight. She is a world class alignment-oriented yoga teacher, but it is Nicci's spiritual guidance work that I think most distinguishes her from other teachers. As a spiritual guide, Nicci’s approach is grounded in compassion, intuition, a very open mind, humility, and no labeling. She is gifted with incredible clarity that allows her to quickly see core issues, and empathy to guide you gently to a greater sense of understanding. It’s hard to describe, but I always leave a session with Nicci with a lighter heart, calmer mind, expanded perspective and an overall sense of well-being, no matter how I arrived.

Through the years, she has helped me connect to latent parts of myself—my unlimited self—using meditation and guide work, which have been literally life changing. I now have tools to explore my own inner landscape and this spiritual growth has empowered me to make more deliberate life choices and connect to a deeper love. My journey is as twisty and turny as anyone's, but the skills she has taught me are a homing beacon that guides me when I feel lost. I trust her implicitly and am so grateful for all she has given me. If I were asked to list the people who have had the most impact on my life, Nicci would be on that short list." --- Student