Center Harbor, NH 

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The Journey 

To help others remember who they truly are.

My earliest memory is from the age of 3. I remember sitting in the sand box at nursery school and looking around at my surroundings and the other children. I thought to myself, “I don’t belong here. This is not home. Why am I here?”


When I think of that 3-year old self, I respond to her as if she were sitting in front of me with, “Home is within. It always is, was and will be. You are part of a larger cosmic whole and belong just as much as every other. You are here to live, learn and grow.”


I continue to learn that as I know myself more deeply, my awareness and sensitivity towards myself inwardly and outwardly deepens. Through this sensitivity and awareness my compassion for other sentient beings also increases.


I believe that as multidimensional beings, the true source of joy & contentment, peace & fulfillment, resides within the heart.  


The primary lineage that informs my worldview and teaching is the rich tradition of Yoga. My comparative personal study of Buddhism and Theosophy has an additional influence on how I see things and teach.


I am passionate about teaching and facilitating the transformation of others. I am only the vessel and the messenger. Healing happens from within each individual when they are ready.  


If asked today how I would describe my teaching philosophy I would answer thus: “Every moment is an opportunity to realize the nature of your true Self. Practice kindness towards yourself and all other sentient beings. Live lightly on the Earth and in harmony with Nature.”