Dana - the practice of generosity

During this global time of unknown and uncertainty, I am offering online teachings in the spirit and practice of what the Buddha called "dāna", the Pali word for "the act of giving". 

I have found the following explanation from Cloud Mountain Monastery to be eloquent and useful in conveying the meaning of this exchange:


"How much should I give? There is no definitive answer to this question. What feels generous for someone in fortunate financial circumstances is quite different for someone with financial challenges. For this reason, and also because people's hearts will be inspired in different ways, there is no set amount recommended. There is, however, a wonderful guideline that may be helpful when reflecting on how much to give: give in such a way that you have no regret. You don't want to give so much that you create hardship for yourself. And you don't want to give so little that you don't adequately express the value, gratitude or any of the positive feelings that are moving you to give. Reflecting and practicing mindfulness in this way makes the act of giving a very conscious one."Click here to read more about it on their website.