New meditation course

This past week, I announced a new course I am offering - a six-week meditation course. I made this announcement in an email newsletter which may not have reached everyone.

I'm excited about this course for many reasons. First, it's a step that brings me back into the connection of teaching. As I've posted before, I paused my teaching to write a book. The book is now in a different phase, giving me the space to teach again. Second, elements of the book are written into the meditation course. It's an opportunity for me to share ideas in the book, even before publication. Third, the course is written with three groups in mind:

  1. Beginners looking to investigate a practice of meditation with guidance, support, and community.

  2. Students and teachers interested in meditation practices that speak to the wisdom of yoga.

  3. Spiritual seekers looking to expand and or complement their existing practices.

Rather than re-write the course outline, here's the link to read more if you're interested. And, of course, if you're interested, there's a sign-up button at the bottom of the course page.