Life is a constant dance, in a flow that for each person has its own unique rhythm.

Within this unique rhythm is the principle of learning and growth.

What I have found to be particularly interesting of late is the facet of learning that involves "permission".

More specifically, the kind of permission that is granted from within oneself. This permission is essentially giving yourself not only the green light to learn and grow, but to embrace life as a kind of grand experiment where, as you continuously try things out, the process of learning keeps going.

In my own experience, I've seen how I have at times held myself back from doing something. I was withholding permission on the fundamental basis of fear, whether in one situation or another the fear was about failure or success! Regardless of the theme, the felt experience was one of being stuck.

I'm still formulating my thoughts on this subject, how we as individuals withhold permission from ourselves, how do withhold permission from others.

Nonetheless, here I am, giving myself permission to write, to muse, and share some thoughts that are themselves yet to be complete. If that is even possible!