Silver strands

I don't remember when I started to love my hair turning grey. I was never really "into" the practice of dying my hair, although I did try it a couple of times when I was younger. I watched all the women changing their hair color, primarily I think to cover up their graying roots. It wasn't until I met a dear friend some years ago, that I had some more epiphanous moments about what it means to be a woman growing older without the pressures of society to look a certain way, and embracing these unfolding changes. I admired the fashion brand ‘Eileen Fisher’ for working with models that represented a real range of women, at various stages of their life, but most importantly to me, not afraid of their gray locks. This was a role model ideal for me - to embrace aging naturally, with grace and joy. Every day when I find a gray strand amongst the brown ones in my brush or in my hand, I have this delightful experience of inner glee! I love finding new gray hairs. There's a kind of wonderment for me, finding a silvery strand, shining as it does in the light, and almost seeming to disappear the closer I inspect it. I look in the mirror, and try to ‘capture’ this unfolding slow change, of the self that has dark brown hair, to a self that has silvery gray hair. How fun it is to watch this process of my own chrysalis!

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