Meditation and the Five Elements

A foundations course

Meditation is a vehicle of connection, bringing us into a direct relationship with ourselves, layer by layer. Not only do we engage with our thoughts and feelings, but meditation can also form the basis for a spiritual practice wherein we engage the conversation of the spirit moving within — a sacred dialogue. We are surrounded by, are part of, and made of the five elements in nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Working with the five elements as a framework can deepen our meditation and spiritual practice. 

Through the practice of meditation we:

  • Discover the true Self

  • Become more open-hearted

  • Become more open-minded

  • Become more centered in ourselves

  • Discover greater inner peace

  • Become more accepting of ourselves and others

  • Develop greater compassion for ourselves and others

  • Become more engaged in the process of discernment

  • Learn to listen to our own inner authority and inner agency

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Buddhist Singing Bowl
Meditating Hand Gesture