Center Harbor, NH 

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Sessions with Nicci

Over the past 10 years of teaching and working individually one-on-one, my style, philosophy and methodology has evolved to include a synthesis of tools drawn from Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Subtle Aromatherapy, Yoga as Therapy and Contemplative Psychotherapy. 


My belief is that we have more bodies than just the physical including subtle bodies and I try to work on all those levels. 


While I may work with one particular form, such as postural yoga for example, each area of focus is interrelated and thus sessions can move between them whether it opens naturally or is needed specifically. 

YOGA mentoring

I work with students at various levels of experience, including beginners. Individual yoga sessions are not only about the poses. It may also include assisted stretching & bodywork drawn from Thai Yoga, which can facilitate deeper releases and enable overall improvement versus studying the poses unassisted on ones' own. This can then deepen the experience of a more grounded physical embodiment. In addition, a special interest of mine has evolved in working with individuals with various types of low back pain. No matter the focus, the application of the teachings of yoga is always intended to guide you back to the trust and wisdom of your own body and inner teacher. This is a return to establishing yourself in your own state of health and well-being. 

meditation mentoring

There are many different forms of meditation from many different lineages and traditions. I teach a form of meditation that encourages an opening of the inner senses, balancing the different temperaments that is unique to each person. This for example takes the form of guided instruction using imagery and active imagination. 

spiritual mentoring

At its essence, spiritual mentoring supports each person in discovering and living from their spiritual journey.


I help individuals take the soul's perspective in areas of life where there is a feeling of being stuck. We look at energy dynamics, forces in play, and how to get things moving in the direction of joy and inner peace. 


Sessions involves open dialogue, deep listening and open-ended inquiry. 

Regardless of the form, these are some of the characteristics and values you may experience when working with me:


  • a welcoming presence that is non-judgmental

  • a recognition and honoring of your own agency and inner wisdom

  • the space of silence and contemplation

  • deep active listening and reflection

  • powerful questions which may be uncomfortable, but are intended to return you back to the path of Union

  • an emphasis on a process that is learning & growth rather than “fixing” or “solving a problem”

  • celebrating your successes and growth with altruistic enthusiasm and support

  • offering tools that may support the process of learning & growth

“Ultimately the mentor is the embodiment and mirror of the students own wisdom nature, pointing the student toward his inner teacher, known in the Yoga tradition as atman. The atman is a latent and effulgent source of wisdom that is only fully liberated when we begin to trust in our own direct insight. A true mentor does not cultivate the students dependence on her insight but facilitates the students trust in his own inner promptings. This is the beginning of independence and true freedom.” ~ Donna Farhi