Spiritual mentorship is a process where the mentor guides a mentee in exploring the relationship the individual has to their innermost being. 


In the Eastern tradition of Yoga, the spiritual journey is recognized as a path of union. Union is understood to occur at the levels of mind, body, heart and spirit. This continual and gradual process then opens the individual to levels of union with the ground of all being, which is seen as the Divine or Source.


Spiritual mentorship therefore, from this perspective, holds a space for an individual to connect with their innermost self and experience and explore this union at all levels. When union is experienced, the goal of moksha/liberation, occurs. This is considered freedom and occurs as gradations of experience.


Freedom opens the door to the experience of inner joy, which is the ever present expression of the Source/Divine and the true Self.  


Spiritual mentoring/companionship has some of these characteristics:


  • a welcoming presence that is non-judgmental

  • support for discovering and living from your spiritual journey

  • a recognition and honoring of your own agency and inner wisdom

  • the space of silence and contemplation so that you can be aware of what resides deeply within

  • deep active listening that supports reflection of what is being said, heard and understood

  • powerful questions which may be uncomfortable, but are intended to return you back to the path of Union

  • it is not about “fixing” or “solving a problem”, rather learning & growth

  • celebrating your successes and growth with altruistic enthusiasm and support


My skill in deep listening and reflection, is to support you in your learning and growth through compassionate understanding of where and how you got here. And where appropriate, offer tools to support the process. 


As with the cycles of life, spiritual mentoring has its own phases, which I think of as discovery, implementation, and integration & reflection. And it applies to all areas of life, including ones' inner life.


“Ultimately the mentor is the embodiment and mirror of the students own wisdom nature, pointing the student toward his inner teacher, known in the Yoga tradition as atman. The atman is a latent and effulgent source of wisdom that is only fully liberated when we begin to trust in our own direct insight. A true mentor does not cultivate the students dependence on her insight but facilitates the students trust in his own inner promptings. This is the beginning of independence and true freedom.” ~ Donna Farhi

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