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Anytime we are in pain (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) we are not in the experience of joy. At the essence of what I do is facilitate a process whereby each person may return to the joy and freedom which resides within all of us. I have been, and continue to be, passionately dedicated to developing a framework that supports this.


The core belief that shapes my work is that we have more bodies than just the physical, including subtle bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual), and I try to work on all those levels. For me, this is what it means to truly see someone holistically. It is deeply satisfying when someone I am working with can see themselves in this way too.


For more than a decade, I have applied this belief and philosophy, rooted in the rich teachings of Indian Philosophy, working in small groups and one-on-one. This framework of the subtle bodies and the five elements of nature has inspired me to write my first book, which I hope to have published in 2022.​



Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring supports the spiritual awakening and maturing process that is already unfolding in a person. As a framework, the subtle bodies and five elements allow us to see how the Soul communicates through the personality, seeing each experience the souls’ plan for learning and growth. Our modern concept of mentoring originates in the Greek epic of Odysseus when his son, Telemachus, was in need of a trusted and wise counselor and guide. Creating a welcome presence that is non-judgmental and leaves space for moments of silent contemplation, you are welcomed into the space of deep inquiry, active listening and reflection.


Private Lessons

Sometimes we need dedicated, personalized instruction that emphasizes a process of learning and growth rather than trying to ‘fix’ or ‘solve a problem.’ Private lessons are an ideal opportunity for entering into a space in which your own inner agency and wisdom is encouraged to blossom through the simple practice of open inquiry and enthusiastic support in altruistic celebration of your development.



Throughout human history and across spiritual worldviews, there has been a long tradition of retreats playing an integral part of the spiritual awakening process of an individual. A retreat is one of the many tools available to us in support of a learning and growth process, especially as it offers a time-out from the routines and habits that is part of the human condition. A retreat is not a vacation but it may offer the kind of deep reset that you can sometimes experience while on vacation. The key difference is the dedicated time allotted to the inner spiritual journey, where the retreat serves as the vehicle for intentional transformation.


Group Classes

Students come together on a regular basis, unified around a shared interest in the subject being explored and the opportunity to participate in a shared learning environment. A distinguishing feature of group classes is the longevity of their duration and their ability to unify a group of individuals in such a way as to develop the bonds of community. Classes are welcoming and invite each person to examine their capacity for greater compassion, unity and harmony. Each person is honored in their own inner agency and wisdom, and is invited to do the same with one another.


Workshops and Intensives

Both workshops and intensives share in common the opportunity for deeper exploration of a subject. They provide a space for expanded and intensive discussions that may often not be possible in a weekly class. The duration of these two learning formats may stretch over a few hours, a full day or weekend immersion, and possibly longer such as a few months.

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