Pilgrimage to your Self

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, this is an introductory self development course for students based upon the perennial wisdom of Yoga & Buddhism. Gain deeper insight into your inner life, understand the nature of personal reality and cultivate virtues for harmonious and joyful living.

4 module Pilgrimage to the Self program

4 module Pilgrimage to the Self program

This program is for students who have a serious desire to:


  • know themselves more deeply by cultivating the skills of wisdom & insight 

  • build a foundation of essential virtues for developing altruism, compassion and lovingkindness as seeds for living a life of harmony, balance and joy

  • participate in a community of shared values

  • honestly self-reflect

  • apply spiritual values to every day life


Taught over 4 sessions, the introductory intensives will guide students in developing deep listening skills through guided self practice and dyad group practice. Introspective practices of the body and mind will also be woven throughout the program. 


Module 1 - Freedom

Module 2 - Yoga Psychology - mind & emotions

Module 3 - Virtues & Precepts

Module 4 - Living in flow & harmony


The fundamental universal human desire is to live a life that is happy. In this module we look at the smoke-screen, the idea that what you think will make you happy is an illusion.


True happiness is living from joy and the road to inner freedom begins with understanding the framework for liberating your self from misperception. 

Yoga Psychology - Mind & Emotions

With a framework now established, we dive more deeply into the mind and emotions. The roots of misperception can be viewed from the perspective of the kleshas which are mental obscurations - the smoke-screen. Every human being experiences a range of emotions. It’s how we relate to and respond to them inwardly and outwardly that drives our relative states of inner peace.

Virtues & Precepts

What is it that keeps your emotions in check? How do you cultivate an experience of mind that is regularly calm? To tend to the heart of the mind, we need to be rooted in a foundation of what can be seen as universal values. This is more than the daily meditation or asana practice of an hour or two. These are the threads that run through the course of every moment and are essential if we are to cultivate a life that is joyful and peaceful.

Living in Flow & Harmony

At this point it may feel like you’ve taken only a few steps to climb the 12,000 foot mountain. But as you look around, you see that there are other climbers. With some above, we can clip onto their ropes and be supported on our way up. And for those below, we can leave a trail so that others may follow as they too are supported. True self liberation must include the recognition of interdependence and participation in a causal universe. The circle of inner freedom and living from joy is completed as we establish ourselves in the principles of universal harmony. 

This program is on hold until Fall 2020. If you are interested in registering, please submit your inquiry here. Thank you. 

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