Personalized individual yoga & meditation sessions facilitate students at various stages of their practice whether it's the very beginning or after some years of continued study.

When studying in this way, the potential to go much deeper, both in practice and self-inquiry, is often more available as a result of having the private space one-on-one. 

Individual yoga sessions are not only about the poses. It may also include assisted stretching & bodywork drawn from Thai Yoga, which can facilitate deeper releases and enable overall improvement when then studying the poses unassisted on ones' own. This can then deepen the experience of a more grounded physical embodiment. 

Where appropriate, yoga as therapy is offered. My special interest and focus is working with students with various types of physical injuries whether it is recent, or one that has persisted for a long period of time. This application of the teachings of yoga in this form is intended to guide you back to the trust and wisdom of your own body and inner teacher. This is a return to establishing yourself in your own state of health and well-being. 

Please contact Nicci to schedule a session.

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